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Well Groomed 2019 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H264-KAMIKAZE

Description: A year immersed in the visually-stunning and humorous world of competitive creative dog groomers reveals that, no matter where or how, an innate passion for imaginative expression is universal.
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Finding The Way Home 2019 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H264-NTG

Description: A look at the distressing circumstances for millions of children living in orphanages and other institutions around the world as J.K. Rowling's LUMOS foundation works to reunite them with family members or place them in foster homes.
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Bluefin 2016 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H264-monkee

Description: In the stunning documentary Bluefin, director John Hopkins crafts a tale of epic stakes set in the "tuna capital of the world." Filmed in North Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada, the film explores the baffling mystery of why the normally wary bluefin tuna no longer fear humans. Hopkins documents this phenomenon with breathtaking cinematography and brings the issues into sharp focus, at the heart of which lies a passionate concern for the fate of these giant fish.
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Ncr Not Criminally Responsible 2013 720p CBC WEB-DL H264-WiNG

Description: Canadian documentary film, following the story of Sean Clifton, who stabbed and badly injured a woman in a shopping mall while he was in a delusional state.
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The Reckoning Hollywoods Worst Kept Secret 2018 1080p CBC WEB-DL H264-WiNG

Description: Powerful, personal and uncensored, The Reckoning explores the most explosive scandal in pop culture's history: sexual misconduct in Hollywood.
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Looking For Mike 2016 720p CBC WEB-DL H264-WiNG

Description: Looking for Mike follows filmmaker Dylan Reibling as he investigates the mysterious death of his friend, whose sudden death in 2002 has remained an unsolved cold case with the Toronto Police - until Dylan started digging deeper.
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Counterpunch 2017 1080p NF WEBRip x264-QOQ

Description: The seasoned pro. The Olympic hopeful. The young up-and-comer. The ring is their home, and the titles are their dream. As boxing' popularity wanes, three fighters at different stages of their career make sacrifices to pursue their dreams of becoming champions.
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False Confessions 2018 1080p CBC WEBRip x264-WiNG

Description: Would you confess to a crime you did not commit? Each year innumerable American suspects do, and experts say that trained interrogators can get anybody to confess to anything. Defense attorney Jane Fisher-Byrialsen is determined to put an end to interrogation techniques that all too often pressure innocent people into false confessions.
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I Lived On Parker Avenue 2017 DVDRip x264-REGRET

Description: Adopted at birth and raised in Louisiana, David Scotton is on a journey to Indiana to meet the birth parents he's never known. His tattooed birth mother, Melissa, and reserved birth father, Brian, anxiously wait for him, concerned David will reject them for decisions they made before he was born. I Lived on Parker Ave. is a short documentary about a mother's agony in choosing what's best, the joy of a couple starting a family, and young man's search for where his life began.
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The Missing Tourist 2017 720p CBC WEB-DL H264-WiNG

Description: When a Japanese tourist goes missing in Canada's remote north during a trip to view the Aurora Borealis, a community is left reeling for answers in this unsettling and revealing cultural mystery.