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Zenhiser The Drum & Bass Club (MIDI, WAV)
Size File: 5.66 GB

Deep in the cave «The Drum & Bass Club» sits capricious beast, experimenting with high energy rhythms, deep bass and weighty blows. This tireless endeavor darkness creates a thorough collection of Drum n Bass samples, loops, stems, midi and ready to use in DAW of your choice.
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789ten - The Tom & Jame Mega Pack (MIDI, WAV, ABLETON)
Size File: 1.82 GB

Exclusive House Pack by Tom and Jame; Master producers with releases on Hexagon, Revealed, Spinnin, Future House Music, Heldeep, Wall and others.
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Zenhiser Circuits Techno (MIDI, WAV)
Size File: 5.66 GB

Take your techno-tracks to the limit with the help of «Circuits - Techno»
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Zenhiser - First Light Trance (MIDI, WAV)
Size File: 3.88 GB

Zenhiser returns with a glimpse into the distant future, "First Light - Trance" submerses itself in a harder edge of Trance, incorporating rigid hitting drums, throbbing basslines, trademark synth loops and the perfect balance between rumbling and ethereal. This energetic concoction is a great addition to your sample collection and production skills.
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SideFX Houdini FX 18.0.287 (x64)
File size: 1.2 GB

Houdini is built from the ground up to be a procedural system that empowers artists to work freely, create multiple iterations and rapidly share workflows with colleagues.
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Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic v1.1.0 KONTAKT
Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic v1.1.0 KONTAKT | 7.72 Gb

Strummed Acoustic is your always-on-call, professional session guitarist - perfectly strummed and recorded patterns, vivid sound, and real-time performance control. Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic captures the sound of a benchmark dreadnought acoustic, played by a seasoned studio pro.
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Toontrack Dark Matter EZX (SOUNDBANK)
Size File: 2.78 GB

Dark Matter EZX equipped with two sets of Death & Darkness SDX, ready for mixing and adapted for metal, hardcore and hard rock - optimally to any material that requires unfriendly drum type: terrible, dark, rough and unpolished.
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Soundiron Motor Rhythms v2.0.0 (KONTAKT)
Size File: 3.44 GB

Motor Rhythms - a unique drum kit, created from untreated automotive parts musical artist and mechanic Jordan Hill. He carefully thought through, select, gather and work piece from a huge collection of models and models of vehicles. You can see the Jordan and set in action here. We came to his studio to record every detail in precise detail how a close and far microphone position.
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Soundiron David Oliver's Rhythmic Odyssey KONTAKT
Size File: 12.69 GB

Rhythmic Odyssey - a flexible and customizable virtual percussion instrument based on loops for Kontakt \ Player and a huge library of modular hinges open format for use with any software or hardware that you wish. This profound and stylistically extensive collection focuses on a dynamic living and untuned percussion performances of the British media instrumentalist and composer David Oliver.
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Fluffy Audio AURORA 1.2 KONTAKT
Size File: 5.34 GB

AURORA is a cinematic, hybrid library, which contains dozens of audio kits that are loaded through an internal charging system. AURORA allows you to create up to 5 layers of different sound sets to create complex sounds on the fly.